Amalfi Coast

The great beauty saved by lemons

The Amalfi Coast is famous all over the world for its views and for the spectacular beauty of its territory, to the point of being registered for many years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Yet this land so beautiful is also so difficult to domesticate because it gives little space to the works of man and cultivation. And in fact the lemon groves of the Azienda Agricola Salvatore Aceto are all located on vertical soils, which thin out from the hills of the Lattari Mountains to the sea.

Each of them consists of terracing of dry stones, better known by the name of macere, which contribute to make the landscape of the Amalfi Coast even more characteristic.

The microclimate, the mixing of the winds, the arrangement of our land, the pergolas with chestnut poles that support and keep the plants sheltered, the roofs with plastic nets in winter, the dry terracing that allow a healthy oxygenation to the plants, the Organic fertilization made with manure fertilizer (sheep, goat, mule), make the Lemon of the Amalfi Coast a unique product for its organoleptic qualities.

Not to forget, then, that this type of terraced cultivation plays a decisive role in the hydrogeological and morphological structure of the coastal territory.